Aquamarine has over 30 years of experience working with individual moorings as well as entire gridded mooring fields.  We can customize a new mooring system or modify your existing system to maximize
performance and meet harbormaster specifications. 

New Moorings

We custom-design each mooring system we install to meet or exceed Harbormaster specifications to ensure that your new mooring is adequate for your particular needs.  The size of the mooring anchor, shackles and chain are supplied based on the size and weight of your boat, water depth and location.

Mooring Relocation

Need your mooring moved? We can help! With a large underwater lifting capacity, we can raise your mooring and relocate it to your specifications.

Full Inspection
  • Pull your mooring to inspect and repair as necessary
  • Reinstall mooring using our survey-grade accurate GPS
  • Provide inspection report to you and Harbormaster

Annual Mooring Service

Spring Service is a two-part service including:
     Part 1
  • Inspect pennant and contact you if repairs and/or replacements are necessary. Based on the condition and visible chafe marks we may suggest modifying your tackle or adding chafe gear or toggle floats.
  • Inspect mooring ball, touch up name and permit number, and contact you if you have a damaged ball that needs to be replaced.
  • Install mooring ball and inspect top half of your rig (from the swivel up) and make note of any necessary repairs.  All balls go back on at the same time in April without pennants. No other service is done at this time.
     Part 2
  • After you contact us to confirm your launch date, we install the pennant and replace any worn components noted as needing replacement in the top half of your rig.
             ** Please notify us 2 weeks prior to your launch date. **

Fall Service includes:
  • Remove, clean, label and store the surface gear (mooring ball and pennant only)
  • Record the mooring position with survey-grade accurate GPS; winterize the chain on the mooring trawl.  

Our Vessels

Conor Paul is a 35' aluminum mooring barge. Fully equipped with 2500# knuckleboom and 10,000# deck winch.  We carry all mooring tackle with us to service your mooring to make it a safe and secure home for your boat.
35' Bruno
Grady John and Goat are work skiffs to assist with float installation and breakdown